Indian Skies: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Winter 2024

Publication design of Indian Skies: The Howard Hodgkin Collection of Indian Court Paintings

FALL 2023

The Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin is a quarterly publication geared to a general audience. The Winter 2024 edition focuses on works in The MET's acquisition of Howard Hodgkin‘s collection.



Areas of Focus

Identity, Publication


Initial iterations focused on the jharokha as an indicator of essay openers.

Howard Hodgkin’s collection of Indian court paintings comprise of Mughal-era miniatures that depict the lush sceneries and architecture of that time. We pulled from these paintings to build the color palette and the foundational layout grid.


The final implements 29LT Foundry’s Azer and Zarid type families.

The multilingual scripts (also designed in Arabic) subtly tie back to the Mughal rule through their calligraphic angular cuts and their diamond-shaped diacritics.

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