BIPOC Design History

Identity expansion of the transformative educational platform and its third course series, Design Histories in Southwest Asia & North Africa: Voices from the SWANA Diaspora

FALL 2022

Founded in the height of the pandemic in 2020, BIPOC Design History aims to tackle the frustrations and glaring gaps in BIPOC design representation. Two years later, the platform’s identity was revisited alongside the development of its third course.


Randa Hadi, Polymode

Areas of Focus

Identity, Strategy


The third course implements a bilingual wordmark and pattern based on an Arabic glyph, also alluding to architectural structures in the SWANA region.

The series is visualized as a non-monolithic experience, using color to denote the diverse visual cultures and histories of Arab identities.

︎ View the course reel (edited by me)


With each course having its own unique visual treatment, we positioned BIPOC Design History as overarching brand that hosts these varying styles.