Identity uplift and expansion of a Puerto Rican goat cheese company

Spring 2021

Previously called Queso de Cabra Lucía, the family-founded goat cheese company was in need of a brand refresh. We provided positioning for a flexible and comprehensive brand experience across their exisiting products and the renovated Quesería factory.


Alberto Rigau


Lindsay Caslin, Liz Chen, Ann Salman, Kailyn Byers

Areas of Focus

Identity, Strategy, Wayfinding


To facilitate Lucía’s expansion, we positioned Lucía as the main brand, with its cheese products and farm experience under two sub-brands.


The accent mark in the logotype’s “i” references a wedge of goat cheese, while the supplementary illustrations of tropical foliage nod to the brand’s Puerto Rican heritage.


The Quesería implements a wayfinding system that ties back to the Lucía brand.