DEEP: Skincare for the Melanated

A skincare and dermatologist directory catered towards dark-skinned consumers

Fall 2020

DEEP aims to shift the way skincare is advertised within its oversaturated market. The directory centers darker skin tones in the narrative by directly addressing the demographic across multiple platforms.


Victoria Chi


Molly Mills, Jillian Tyler

Areas of Focus

Identity, Campaign, Service, Positioning, UI/UX

The “bump” implemented in the logotype is inspired by textured skin, while the extensive color palette is bold, earthy, and gender-neutral.

The promotional campaigns shift the focus away from cosmetic skincare solely meant to enhance one’s personal appearance.

Instead, DEEP’s messaging normalizes skin variances, while raising awareness on skin disorders that need real treatment.

DEEP acts as a directory for existing brands that work most effectively on darker skin tones.

The retail store is a physical embodiment of the DEEP experience, making skincare accessible to navigate.