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Karuna Gangwani is a graphic designer based in Raleigh, NC. She is currently a junior studying Graphic Design at North Carolina State University, with interests in experience design and branding.

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DEEP: Skincare for the Melanated

FALL 2020 | Identity + Campaign

Identity and service design for a skincare + dermatologist repository catered towards dark-skinned consumers


Molly Mills, Jillian Tyler

Project overview

DEEP is a group-curated project that aims to shift the way skincare is advertised within the oversaturated market. DEEP aims to center dark and sensitive skin in the narrative by catering directly to the demographic.

Process Book ︎︎︎


  1. Website

  2. Retail Store

  3. Campaign + Promotional Material


A key takeaway from our literature review was that colorism is evident through dermatologist practices. Within the skincare market, there is the additional issue of messaging that often exploits insecurities and gender-based standards.

This harmful messaging has become the face of the entire industry, often invalidating or pushing aside those who need genuine help and treatment.

Primary issues with the skincare industry

  1. Exclusionary Market

  2. Harmful Messaging

  3. Overwhelming and Difficult to Navigate

our Process work

The “bump” motif and visual identity are derived from an emphasis on normalizing skin conditions in deeper skin tones.

The DEEP Color Wheel was created to relay a sense of gender-neutrality, a facet often disregarded from beauty and wellness brands.

The social media is a crucial part of outreach and raising awareness and educating people on skin disorders on darker skin.

The retail store is a physical embodiment of the DEEP experience, making skincare accessible and easier to navigate.