Kiran: A Community Platform

A multimedia repository of Indian traditions and stories based on community submissions of personal archives and opinion pieces

Spring 2020 - Fall 2021

For my independent study, I wanted to showcase the (South Asian) Indian identity’s complexities with audiences identifying as Indian in mind. It was important to me that our own idea of “Indianness” was malleable and not constrained to a monolith constructed by imperialistic influences.


Rachael Paine

Areas of Focus

Identity, Print, UI/UX

Modular typography combined with flexible color and layout treatments create a distinct identity for the project.

The strategy for the platform presents itself as inviting, open, and inspiring through its social media and website.

Given the limitations of this project, it wasn’t feasible to ask for submissions from a large pool of people. I curated a collection of online articles from other South Asian media networks, all of which are credited at the end of the publication.

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The publication’s augmented reality supplement enables community dialogue and visualizes layers of information and resources in a spatial manner.