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Karuna Gangwani is a graphic designer and senior at NC State’s College of Design, with interests in experience design and branding. She is currently a Design Intern at SAS and a Design Associate at Third Eye Collective.

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University Activities Board

Spring 2020 | Identity

Identity renewal of a student-led organization committed to holding events that entertain and educate the student body

Project overview

The University Activities Board has existed at NC State University for over five decades. As a student-led organization comprised of five distinct committees, the University Activities Board puts on programs with endless and ever-changing topics.

In order to inform students of these committees and enhance UAB’s presence on campus, I was tasked to create a new visual identity for the organization.


  1. Renewed Visual Identity

  2. Promotional Material to inform students of the new committees

Iconography and an identifying color was curated for each committee within the organization to improve student recognition.

A social media campaign was created to announce the new committees and their student leaders.

Event graphics have been kept flexible and versatile in order to increase student engagement.