An ongoing collection of experiments!


  1. Matter of Fact
  2. State Farmers Market
  3. University Activities Board
  4. packHOWL
  5. 50th Pan-Af Week Coming Soon!
  6. DISGO! Coming Soon!
  7. Virtual MLK Project Coming Soon!
  8. Fun Things 


Karuna Gangwani is a graphic designer based in Raleigh, NC. She is currently a junior studying Graphic Design at North Carolina State University, with interests in user-interface design and branding.


A Series of Comforting Things

Work in Progress

As a result of quarantine, I’ve had the privilege of enjoying “the smaller things” that genuinely spark joy in my daily routine. I wanted to make graphics that relayed the coziness I feel staying at home.

Studies on Indian Architecture

The Taj Mahal is often the only architectural structure that people recognize as “Indian.” I made this short series as a response to that!
Chai Series

A short patterned guide to the different kinds of chais, because I love chai.

After my sophomore fall semester, I made posters that serve as reminders for myself during times of hardship. I was inspired by the visual language carrom boards have. The game’s association with bonding and nostalgia went with the comforting messages I wanted to relay to myself.