An ongoing collection of experiments!


  1. Matter of Fact
  2. State Farmers Market
  3. University Activities Board
  4. packHOWL
  5. DEEP Coming Soon!
  6. Virtual MLK Project Coming Soon!
  7. Fun Things 


Karuna Gangwani is a graphic designer based in Raleigh, NC. She is currently a junior studying Graphic Design at North Carolina State University, with interests in user-interface design and branding.


A Series of Comforting Things

Work in Progress

As a result of quarantine, I’ve had the privilege of enjoying “the smaller things” that genuinely spark joy in my daily routine. I wanted to make graphics that relayed the coziness I feel staying at home.

Studies on Indian Architecture

The Taj Mahal is often the only architectural structure that people recognize as “Indian.” I made this short series as a response to that!
Chai Series

A short patterned guide to the different kinds of chais, because I love chai.

After my sophomore fall semester, I made posters that serve as reminders for myself during times of hardship. I was inspired by the visual language carrom boards have. The game’s association with bonding and nostalgia went with the comforting messages I wanted to relay to myself.